Light and Metaphysics

My Art Practise lies between philosophy and science, both ask big questions like ‘What is the nature of the Universe?’ and ‘What is Space and Time?’ both answer it in very different ways. Philosophy engages the mind and conscioussness of living, while science explores physical matter, chemical reactions and the patterns of growth which occur in biological forms. I was researching Kant and his ideas about Time, how Time itself does not grow or change, rather it is the forms within time which change and grow. “Space and Time are the framework within which the mind is constrained to construct it’s experience of reality” says Emmanuel Kant. At the same time I was researching articles on Einsteins Theory of relativity and the warping of Space around any object it comes into contact with. There is also Quantum theory which states that Light is actually made of particles called photons. I was thinking about this metaphysical reality which we are engaged with on a daily basis and yet do not often take the time to really understand this phenomena we are interacting with. As an Artist I wanted a substance/material which would reflect these ideas and concepts. Light became the obvious. Then I began exploring Light as an artistic medium using a slide projector, magnifying glasses and water. This process of experimentation turned into these photographs of light and continued on to a Light Installation.


Here are some pictures of my light and sound installation. The sound used was part of a Nasa recording of Solar flares creating a sensory experience where one could experience light and reflect on what it does for us.