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Claudia Johnson

My practise has been primarily concerned within the areas we find between perception and image. The areas where the lines perceived are intertwined rather than separated. The space between the words, image and object where we find or seek meaning, and experience glimpses of memory, the area between the eye, the object or the image it receives.

I have explored these areas through drawing, photography and sculpture, investigating phenomenology as a way of exploring our perceptions of space/time/object. This has led me recently to explore the phenomena of light and how it enables and affects our perceptions of the world.

Drawing is a fundamental part of my practise enabling me to work out ideas, and plan out sculptural and installation works, video, sound and photography have become key mediums for my works, their inherent nature permits me to capture shapes and forms from the physical world. These forms are then incorporated into sculptural and installation works, acting as fluid catalyst between the physical objects as encountered by the viewer.

Donna Harroway, James Turrell and Susan Derges to name but a few are artists which have informed my practise enabling me to carry out concepts and working processes which have helped me establish my own working practises. Philosophers which have informed my concepts include Gaston Bachelard and Emmanuel Kant.

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If you are interested in my work and would like to contact me my email is: